Who is Jiim?

Jiim is a cross-lingual Instant Messaging prototype that allows conversations between people who don't speak the same language.

What does Jiim do?

Jiim lets you type and read instant messages in your preferred language, even if they were composed in a different one.  [Read more]

Why do you need Jiim?

Because the language barrier constrains communication: you need a common, second language if you don't share your mother tongue with your buddy; if you don't share a common language you cannot communicate.  [Read more]

How does Jiim do it?

Jiim analysed Instant Messaging logs from real users, interviewed and observed Instant Messaging users, and analysed Instant Messaging surveys.  [Read more]

Where can you find more about Jiim?

Well, there is an on-line demo, a project hosted on sourceforge, a proof-of-concept prototype, and chapters from the research thesis on the documentation page. If you would like to know even more please drop me a line.

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